Konstantin Eckle

Postdoctoral Researcher

Leiden University


Multiscale methods

Eckle, K., Bissantz, N., Dette, H. Multiscale inference for multivariate deconvolution. Electronic Journal of Statistics (2017) arxiv.

Eckle, K., Bissantz, N., Dette, H., Proksch, K. Einecke, S. Multiscale inference for a multivariate density with applications to X-ray astronomy. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (2018) arxiv.

Dunker, F., Eckle, K., Proksch, K., Schmidt-Hieber, J. Tests for qualitative features in the random coefficients model. submitted (2018) arxiv.

Deep learning

Eckle, K., Schmidt-Hieber, J. A comparison of deep networks with ReLU activation function and linear spline-type methods. submitted (2018) arxiv.

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